Live Time 1.18 Update

After months of user validation and testing, we are exciting to release version 1.18 of Live Time with our first API and a few other great enhancements...all requested by our customers!

Release Notes

API (Application Programming Interface)

Link to API Documention

As part of the sever, we now have a RESTfull API whee you control Live Time via external devices through the a standard HTTP POST, GET, ect. This now opens up a range of possibilities never possible before. From controlling timers, preset restores and more, our first API should provide great handles in control that many customers have wanted for years.

The Live Time API

The added API control flexibly of LiveTime from WorkflowNetwork is exactly what we needed in our Church Production workflow.
With the ability to control our Production Clock Presets and adjustments from any one of our companion streamdecks, our volunteers have learned it in NoTime!
We how even have added Scheduling Flexibility using Triggers from Companion and/or other scheduling tools. Simplifying and Improving our workflows to allow us to focus on other aspects of our services.
The support and response from Matt and the team at Workflow has been Steller! I can’t wait to see what future improvements they make to an already awesome solution!
LiveTime is an integral part of our Production DreamTeam being able to achieve our desired level of excellence!  
Erik at Inland Hills Church
FOH Producer Multi-View, with LiveTime, Along with Stream Deck/Companion.

Custom Live Time page on Companion

Day of Week Preset Restore

You can now tell a Preset to restore on a certain day of the week!

Export a "log" of your Presets

Every time you a restore of a Preset occurs, we now keep track of how everything looked. You can the export it as a CSV (spreadsheet) to use however you would like. Then use the "Reset Log" to clear it our for a fresh set of records.

Preset Display

We have also improved the Preset layouts to show more on the screen and numbered. Now making it easier to know which Present "number" to restore with the API.


Along with other small bug fixes, we have been slowly updating things under the hood from Objective C to Swift. Thus making the application more stable and faster. A few other notables:

  1. NDI 5.0.. so proper Apple M1 Support.
  2. Auto-Relaunch. If Live Time does crash, you now have to option to have it automatically relaunch. See this article.