Live Time 1.13 Update

We are thrilled about the version 1.13 update to LiveTime macOS!
Here is a run down! (See our FAQ's at the bottom)

1. Presets

One of our most requested features is now ready for prime time...
and that is LiveTime Presets!!

Now, with a simple one-time in-app purchase, you can store and restore global presets for LiveTime. It has never been easier to setup and "cue" your clock up to a certain look.

Presets are the first of several big features coming to help make LiveTime be more and more automatic and easier to use.

You will now see a "list" looking icon in your control panel to access the new Presets window. Something to note, the in-app purchase is determined by the control panel on the Mac you are on, not your server.

See our tutorial video to walk you through it. But in short, you can choose what "parts" of LiveTime you want to store, and then you can also choose which parts to restore. Pretty nifty!

2. Server Password

You can now easily set a password to prevent your pesky friends (or anyone else) from controlling your server. Simply go the Mac that is hosting the LiveTime server, go to preferences and click "Use Server Password". Now, anyone who tries to control that server will be required to enter it.

3. Emoji Palette for Overlays

Ok, ok.. this is a small one, but hey! There is now an Emoji button in the Overlay section for you to add all those smileys and tacos to your screens. Enjoy!

4. New Pricing Model

Not as fun as presets, but we wanted to make LiveTime more affordable and help up continue to develop it more. So! The server is now available as a monthly or yearly subscription. And even better, you can try it FREE for the first week. Pricing is $9.99/mo or $99.99/year. This is all handled through Apple's convenient in-app subscription plans.

5?. macOS Requirement

Not really a feature, but LiveTime 1.13+ requires macOS 10.13.2. That's macOS High Sierra. Not to get too technical, but this is mainly for the handling and support of the new subscription model. Also, this will help us focus more on the future of LiveTime as we press on to version 2.0.

We are here to serve you guys, so please don't hesitate to send us a kind note, or perhaps a wish list.

Thank you again for being apart of the LiveTime family at Workflow Network.

- Matt Timmons, Owner & Lead Developer.

ps.. see our video walkthrough below.


Q. Can I use still use the server if I purchased it before subscription?
A. YES! If you have previously purchased the server before our subscription model, you are in for life.

Q. If my server is on 1.13+, can I still connect to it on another Mac with 1.12?
A. YES! But, if you have an active password on your 1.13 server, your 1.12 client will not be able to control it.

Q. If my server is on 1.12, can I use Presets from a client running 1.13?
A. YES! Preset's logic is all done on the control panel, so your server on 1.12 will respond just fine.