Live Time 1.14 Update

Version 1.14 of Live Time macOS builds on top of the last Preset release with some nice features, all mostly requested by YOU! Let's dive in.

1.  Cue buttons in Presets.

Presets can now be operated like a lighting console! We now have a BACK and NEXT button. Yes! After you restore a preset, a green outline will appear so you know where you are. There are even hotkeys for them. SHIFT - LEFT Arrow to go back, SHIFT - RIGHT ARROW to go forward. FYI,  Live Time will need to be the active application for this to work. We wouldn't want these hotkeys to conflict with any other open apps.

2. Preset Hotkeys.

The first nine presets get a direct hotkey. Simply COMMAND - Preset Number, so COMMAND - 1 for your first Preset. These are automatically assigned by the arrangement and order of your presets. And remember, just like the Cue buttons, Live Time will need to be the active application for this to work.

3. Rename a Preset.

You can now click on the title of a Preset to rename it! It's pretty, cool I guess. This will be helpful with keeping the list organized. Remember you can also export and import your Presets.

4. Elgato Stream Deck Integration

This is our favorite add on for this release, and also one of our top most requested! We now have a plugin for the popular Elgato Stream Deck! Stream Deck is a really simple and cool hardware panel, or iOS app, that attaches to your Mac. We built it as an add on to your local Live Time control panel. So, if you are "in control" of Live Time on your control panel, then this will work similarly. Because of the cueing nature, you will need to have the Presets In-App purchase with the Presets window open to take advantage of this plugin. Available actions for our first iteration are Cue Back Preset, Cue Next Preset, Start/Stop Main Timer, Start/Stop Aux Timer and Show/Hide the Overlay. The Stream Deck plugin is available on the public Stream Deck store for easy installation.

We hope you all enjoy this release. It truly was CREATED FOR YOU! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at for any questions or thoughts. Now, on to automatic Preset triggering based on timers 🙃!

- Matt