Live Time 1.17 Update

Welcome to 2021.. we thought it would never come -- but, we are here! 

Speaking of a long wait, Live Time for macOS 1.17 finally has one of our most requested features...

Preset Editing!!

Yup! You can now edit your Presets in the Presets Module.


Preset Editing may seem like a simple thing to implement as a user, but it has required a lot of major reworking to some of Live Time's nuts and bolts. No need to fear, as those changes I speak of only impact the Presets part of the app right now. One of the features of this is that you can now import and export each part of a Preset. The export is in JSON format, which is what Live Time is moving to for our internal "model" structure. JSON files can even be edited externally and will be important when we launch our API with version 2. Another fun fact is that you are getting a preview of what our new timer inference might look like in version 2.  

Other notables.

We have made a small change to how the Count to Time feature works. You used to never have a way to count to a time further that 12 hours away. Now, you can. You just have to use 24h or military time. So, if you want to count to 8pm, you now just put 20 in your timer and then press the Count to Time button.

We also made some bug fixes with Presets restoring when in Simple view and how we cache the preview of each preset. Should be a lot better.

Live Time version 2 is in the works and I'm personally really excited about it! One thing to put out there now is that we will only support macOS 10.15+ and iOS/iPadOS/tvOS 14+ and watchOS 7+ with this major new v2 update. Some good news though: if you have multiple Live Time Servers running at your facility, you will now be able to run several servers on one Mac. This will be one of the new features ;)  Removing old OSs from Live Time will allow us to improve the quality of the interfaces and general app experience.

Thanks again for allowing us to serve you all!

- Matt