Link Sharing in Message Catalogue 1.8

New! Asset sharing and link pages are now available in Message Catalogue.

You can now simply share either a nice short link or the direct link to an asset on the macOS and iOS apps. Additionally, Admins can manage created links from a new Share Links page on the dashboard.

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To create a link:

Simply go the entry page on the macOS or iOS app, press the share button asset you want to share, then a share pop up will appear. You can use Copy Linke Page for a short link to a nice branded page. Or choose Copy Direct Link to get the copy to your clipboard the actual url of the asset's file. You can also use the other default macOS and iOS share functions like message and mail.

Viewing Pages:

For pages that link to a video or audio file, we will embed those in the standard html 5 player. For links, you will simply see the url and way to proceed or copy it.


Administrors now can access the Share Links section on the dashboard. From here you can view the link, see when and who made the link. Or lastly, delete the link.

NOTE: If someone has shared a Direct Link, this is a permanent url that does not change. Contact support for any questions on this.