Message Catalogue 1.9

We have been working to add nice improvements to make Message Catalogue the easiest way to track all your service information and content. Here are a few of the recent features added in the last updates.

Release Notes

Scripture Support

We worked with the team at YouVersion (Bible app) to create a simple integration for adding and referencing Scripture!

On the dashboard, you can now enter in a scripture as a separate section. You can use a range of scripture and even short hand like “1 Chron 4:10-12” and optionally add a version like NIV or ESV.

You can also define the default scripture version. If the scripture is not valid, it will not let you add it in.

With scripture support, you can now click on the Scriptures in the app and dashboard and it will take you to it on YouVersion. Thanks to them for their guidance. Additionally in the macOS app, you can search scope to just scripture.

Date Range in Filters

On both the macOS and iOS apps you can apply a date range to your search results. Making it now even easier to find that old service.

Search Result Export

On the macOS app, under the menubar is a new option to export a CSV (spreadsheet) of your entire library or just your results. It will even include a URL to any assets you have uploaded.

Promoted Fields

Now on by default, is that the Speaker and Scripture fields will show in your search list. This can be turned off globally in the Dashboard Fields Configurations and eventually per user/app.