How it all works

We are so excited about the launch of Message Catalogue. We designed the platform to be a great experience for a pastor or public speaker to use. That's right! We want you / your pastor to use this app to help remember their messages, look at images, notes or even quickly get to media content.

So, in short. Message Catalogue is a set of Mac and iOS apps to view, search and consume the content. Then, your administrators use the web interface that we call the dashboard to manage and input the data.

How to begin:
Head on over to and click the Sign Up button. You will then provide an email and provide some basic information for your church or organization.

From there you can invite some team members to your new account. You can specify an access level as well. Here is a general scope on access levels.

Admin - Full access to the dashboard, manage users and billing.

Editor - Access to the dashboard to add, edit or delete message entries.

Viewer Plus - No access to the dashboard, but can see anything in the apps that are set at least to a viewer.

Viewer - No access to the dashboard, but can still login to the apps. Perfect for users who don't need to see all your content.

These access levels are available for a user, message entry or even at an file asset level. So, you can easily make a message entry be only visible to Viewer Plus and therefore a "Viewer" will not be able to see it. This works the same way for file assets as well, so you can keep certain documents secret from a regular view.

About the dashboard:
The web dashboard is optimized for the desktop to add, edit and manage your message entries. Unlike the apps, the dashboard is more of a data-entry tool.

A few cool things to note:

  • Message entries can be set to a certain access level.
  • Use "in Progress" for a message that has not happened yet. Like one you are preparing notes for. In the apps, you will see a nice "construction" icon and you can even filter them in or out.
  • Location, location. You will want to add a location for where this message took place. You can mark a location as "default" if it is one you will use a lot. For example, your campuses at your church. Then in the apps, you can easily filter out message that did not happen in your "default" locations. Pretty cool for a traveling speaker.
  • Photos. Be sure to grab your best photos and upload them so you can remember that outfit or perhaps something really cool that happened. You could even upload some of the best social media images here as well.
  • File Assets. This is where you can upload your outlines, transcripts, ect. If you upload a document that has readable text, we will make that fully searchable. Helping you find that phrase you love to say. Additionally you can link to an online video or resource. Then lastly, don't forget to upload a low quality video or audio file (one that will play nicely on a mobile device). This way, you can always playback your message or event for later. All these files can have a nice title, keywords or even an access level.

About the apps:
The Mac and iOS apps are available for free on the Apple app stores. Once you have your account made, you will be able to login and then utilize Message Catalogue to it's full potential. Like aforementioned, the dashboard website is designed for editing and input and will not provide the experience that the native apps provide.

Play around with the apps and enjoy them! If you get stuck or have a comment, good or not so great, please drop us a note at .

We can't wait to see how Message Catalogue grows and see how it helps you find everything about your messages...just with your fingertips.

- Matt Timmons & the Message Catalogue team @WorkflowNework