Share Social 2.0 Release

Tags & Types, oh my!

Share Social 2.0 is now live as a major update to our platform for both our iOS app and the web. The short list:
Tags, social types, searching, ordering and an even better mobile experience for our non-iOS users!

Tags / Search: Long requested has been the ability to "tag" content as well as search for it. Done! You can now create tags and manage them so your users can find exactly what they are looking for.

Types: You can now specify what your content is for. Perfect for your insta-story only materials.

Filtering: You can now filter by Tags and Types - and also search in the iOS app!

Dark Mode: Yeah, finally. Support for iOS light and dark appearances.

And more for the web:

We have completely redesigned the content viewing mode of the site to be more inline with the iOS experience. This includes selecting content an then quickly copying captions and downloading. The management of content has also been boosted with these nice little features:

  • Manual sort ordering, with move-to-top.
  • Disable item to quickly hide it from the app.
  • Description is now optional.
  • Search for items.
  • Tag items with subjects for easy filtering.
  • Set and filter by an item’s share mode type.

This release is out now for our public Share Social App and the white-labelled customers. Enjoy and keep empowering people to share your best curated content like never before!

- Matt & Addison