Spotlight: Share Social @ UPPERROOM

We love seeing our products being used to help make life a little bit easier. Whether it is for production, organizing sermon content or even help with Social Media, we have created a few tools to hopefully improve your workflows. Known for the popular song Surrounded (Fight My Battles), our friends at UPPERROOM looked to our Social Media Distribution App called to do just that!

Now with nearly 120k followers on Instagram, UPPERROOM was ready to get the word out about their new EP Moments: Design 004. The Creative team had all their content from videos, photos, insta-stories and verbiage ready to go. But now, all they needed was a simple way to provide that content to their team for them to easily post on Social Media. Social Social was designed just for that!

I have had the privilege to meet up with the team at UPPERROOM a few times and these guys are so authentic and amazing. Jony was even kind enough to drpp this note to us about Share Social:

"Share Social is truly a game-changer for us. We've struggled in the past with getting our content into the phones of leaders in our community with ease. Easy accessibility and speed is key and Share Social does just that. It's been super easy to use. Easy to setup. Easy to share and it's helped get out content out there.
I really mean it. If you create content and need others to post it, there is no better way than share social.
DROPBOX WHO? GOOGLE DRIVE WHO?" Jony Jimenez, Creative Director @ UPPERROOM

So, whether you are launching an a new ad campaign, an album release, or promotions for your upcoming event, Share Social was CREATED FOR YOU to provide the easiest way to make that happen! You can start TODAY for free to give it a shot.

Thanks so much to Jony and the entire team at UPPERROOM. Keep the music coming!

- Matt