We have an office!

Located at WeWork, Victory Plaza in Dallas, next to the American Airlines Center.

After launching our first product back in October of 2018, we are thrilled to have a space to call home. 2019 has been a thrilling year so far. We launched ScriptViewer.io, LiveTime was updated with the Presets Engine, we updated almost all of our "smaller" apps and more!  The future roadmap is packed with ideas and there are even more projects in the work.  

A mountain to climb...

Anyone who has started a business knows how the first few years are full of ups and downs. EVERY new customer matters a ton to us. Our apps are provided at a fairly low cost, so volume growth is necessary. However, it often shows itself as a pretty steep mountain to climb. We are self-owned and bootstrapped .. no crazy funding or backing. Someday we will share more of our story.  All that to say, I (Matt the owner), am just so thankful for all of our "early adopters" who believe in the products we have to help the Church and businesses alike.

While we continue to grow our product usage we have been busy working on special projects and consulting here and there. So, if you have the perfect app idea that would help you out, let us know!  

Additionally, we offer consulting services to help take your church production to the next level. With over 20 years of experience in producing, live production, video post production, we are here to help! Most of our apps and services actually came from my amazing times at Fellowship Church and were built to improve workflows all around.

Each day would not be possible without the work we do with CineSys. So, if you are looking for shared storage for your team or a high performance MAM, give them a shout!

About the space...

While we are in a small private office, WeWork provides the perfect environment for growing businesses! There are plenty of conference rooms and spaces to go around for fun white boarding sessions and meetings.  If you ever come to the Dallas area, shoot us a note, we would love to bounce around ideas!