Filmsupply - File Processor

We love building custom macOS solutions. Especially the ones that save seconds, minutes, hours all adding up to days. Our friends at Filmsupply found themselves waisting hours and days jumping through many different applications and time consuming manual files tasks.

“Our workflow had limitations and restrictions that created so many steps using 7 or 8 different pieces of software (moving thousands of files in-and-out of folders, harvesting metadata, encoding additional formats, renaming files, etc). Every step was one more place that human or software error could break the whole workflow. Matt and his team were able to consolidate all of those processes and steps into one app that wasn't only an error reducer, it was about 100x faster than the long multistep process. In addition, we reduced the weeks needed to train new team members to the process to merely a couple days. It's been a game changer!”
Landon Cox - Head of Production

Welcome to the FS File Curator app! In our custom application, we were able to provide a quick drag and drop solution with a one-click action. From technical verification, file renaming and encoding, we provided a seamless experience to save their team time and focus more on curating the best content for filmmakers.

“Having a complex workflow where we needed multiple file resolutions and very specific file naming to ingest content into our platform seamlessly was very challenging in the beginning. We had to use scripts, renaming apps, encoding apps, etc. It was a very manual process. The File Curator app Workflow Network built for us took all of those tasks and merged them into a single button click. Not only that, but they also created the ability for error checking based on parameters we needed.”
Cody Dulock, VP of Content

Because of the custom and evolving specification needs of the curation team, we continue to provide improvements and enhancements to this custom tool to maintain the goal of saving time. 

“Matt and his team are quick to reply when we need to make upgrades to our processes or just answer questions as they arise. They take the time to investigate and understand our needs and come along side us to find the best solution and strategy for improvements.”
Landon Cox - Head of Production

If you find yourself repeating the same tasks over and over again or have a specific process like Filmsupply, look no further than Workflow Network to provide a tailored application. Additionally, we also work directly with for high-end broadcasting needs and development on Media Asset Management solutions.