Filmsupply - Footage Acquisition

How can we make processes easier? Is a question we love to ask ourselves and our customers. A few years ago, our friends at Filmsupply were looking for way to improve the process of acquiring content. Filmsupply provides the absolute best and curated “stock” footage where filmmakers and agencies can find the perfect clip for their projects. 

“Creating a solution to move from hard drives being shipped only to uploading was a critical step in our particular workflow as we did all the editing and color work for our filmmakers we represent. Having a web based uploader that went straight to our server made the most sense at the time and saved us a lot of time and enabled us to integrate uploads into our supply chain management system. The team at Workflow Network were always prompt in communication and came to the table with great solutions to help make the system better. Matt specifically always made sure we were happy with everything and would do whatever it takes to make it right or work the way we needed it to. “
Cody Dulock, VP of Content

Working together, we built a custom web uploader experience for acquisition that delivered files directly to their on-premise storage solution. This provided contributors with a customized and accelerated experience that also worked directly with the Filmsupply backend team.

“Previously, we juggled multiple cloud-base file delivery services and in turn we had to juggle multiple workflows because nothing was unified. Our company also has a very specific need that none of the other services could accommodate for unless we spent big money on enterprise deals where we were being asked to pay for way more features than we needed. We needed a custom solution and that's where Matt and his team stepped in to truly understand our needs and work through the solution that made sense both logistically and financially. Building our own uploader has allowed our collaborator experience to be unified and streamlined to fit our exact need.”
Landon Cox, Head of Production

Over time as local server and storage demands increased, we moved the web upload project to be fully cloud based utilizing AWS Amplify, Lambda and accelerated S3 storage. 

Customized experiences are our bread and butter and even help provide resources to further all of our products.